Winter-Active Grass Seed

It’s that time of year again! As temperatures drop we switch to using Winter-Active varieties of amenity ryegrass in all our standard hydroseeding mixes.

Developed for colder climates, the dwarf perennial ryegrass seed will germinate and establish at soil temperatures as low as 5°c. Other amenity ryegrass require an average of 10°c.

This specialist Winter-Active mixture gives our clients new plant growth on areas that might otherwise remain unfinished until spring. The mix is also a must for erosion control projects that require vegetation and deep root development during cold periods to help prevent soil erosion and sediment loss.

“I used the Coldstart mix at a new training pitch at Rushgreen training ground – in a very wet year and I was very pleased at the very quick growth and development’’ – Dougie Robertson, Head Groundsman, West Ham United


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