Recent Projects

South Pool Creek, Devon

Part of the works to repair an essentials road recently damaged by a landslide required hydroseeding to it's slopes and to help retain the soil an erosion control blanket was fitted by the client prior to seeding. 

Additional tackifier was added to the mix to help bind the sprayed on material to the steep slopes until germination and the establishment of the new grasses.

Project Size: 1,000m2
Location: South Pool, Dorset
Client: South Hams Council
Completion: March  2011

Former Steel Works, Ebbw Vale

Chosen as home for the 2010 National Eisteddfod of Wales, over 200,000m2 of hydroseeding on to sloped and flat areas was successfully completed using a broad range of project specific seed mixes that included both wildflower and grass mixtures.

Due to the nature of the site, it was too impractical to conventionally seed the former industrial landmark, making hydroseeding the only solution.

The first phase was hydroseeding with native wildflower seed and completed in the spring, within 10 days germination could clearly been seen.

Project Size: 200,000m2
Location: Ebbw Vale
Completion: August 2010

The Nest Stage II, Scottish Boarders

The final phase of the major improvement works to the A72 near Clovenfords required the establishment of wildflowers to the inaccessible steep slopes above the A72.

Hydroseeding with a special wildflora seed mix containing native species of flowers and grasses was used, blending seamlessly into the ecologically sensitive countryside that already exists.

This final stage extends the improved road system westward from the small town of Clovenfords to the Boarding Kennels at The Nest.

Project Size: 5,000m2
Client: Scottish Boarders

Back Sand Point

As part of the 3.5 million hazardous landfill restoration project at involving 250,000 tonnes of restoration material we were contracted by local firm KLR to hydroseed over 100,000m2 in two stages using an Emorsgate wildflower seed mixture.

In addition to the hydroseeding works, we also planted over 6,000 bare root trees and shrubs across the site, helping transform the once blighted land into a new woodland habitat that encourages the local wildlife. 

Project Size: 100,000m2
Location: Deal, Kent
Client: Kent Land Reclamation
Completion: January 2011

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