Trago Mills, Merthyr Tydfil

Location: Merthyr Tydfil
Area size: 12,000m²
Product: Verdyol Biotic Earth Soil Amendment
Client: Trago Mills

Project Background

After years of planning and a full-on 18 month build, Trago Mills opened its £65 million store in Merthyr Tydfil on Saturday 21st April 2019. The Trago Mills development in Merthyr Tydfil included the reclamation of 120 acres of former ironstone and coal mining land, with the earthworks at the site, involving the moving of 1.3 million cubic meters of colliery shale and boulder clay.


We were approached by the project team to offer landscape options for the periphery of the site. The landscape consisted of very steeply sloping banks made up predominantly of coal shale with very little top soil, organic matter and had a very poor mineral content. To ensure the maximum opportunity for the seed to germinate we recommended that Verdyol Biotic Earth was initially applied over the 12,000m² area. Biotic Earth is designed to build soil conditions that improve the rate of seed germination. It is usually found that after construction, soil left for re-vegetation is often severely degraded and lacks many of the essential organics, nutrients and microbial properties to establish, grow, and sustain effective mature vegetation that can withstand the forces of erosion.

Verdyol Biotic Earth encourages a quick start to the hydroseeding process by adding the first layer of organic material, soil builders, and growth stimulants designed specifically to mimic Mother Nature and help poor soils come alive and vegetation to thrive. We used Verdyol Biotic Earth to improve soil while controlling erosion and then applied a high performance mulch mixed with seed to provide the required flower mix improving visual impact of the outer areas of the development. The recommended mix was a Winter Active Seed mixture which allowed germination at lower ground temperatures (down to and including 5 degrees).


This project had very specific challenges including poor soil, high coal shale and clay content. By working closely with the project team we were able to ensure that the land was prepared and the maximum penetration and germination of the seed mix achieved. The mix also included deep rooting grasses which helped bind and support the surface.

About Verdyol Biotic Earth Soil Amendment

Verdyol Biotic Earth is a soils amendment designed to improve the rate of seed germination and plant growth on areas with poor soils or where little to no soil is present, eliminating the need for importing expensive topsoil. Applied first, it is then hydroseeded on to provide moisture retention and preventing erosion.

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