Location: Long Kesh, Northern Ireland
Area size: 10,000m²
Product: Hydroseeding
Client: Deane Public Works

Project Background

Originally an operational airfield on the outskirts of Lisburn, parts of the site required bioremediation of hydrocarbon impacted soils before redevelopment could fully begin.


As part of the cut and fill earthworks, a membrane was installed just beneath the surface and although durable there was a risk that running any equipment over the area to conventionally seed it may puncture the membrane, undermining the whole project.


To ensure a good uniform spread of seed was achieved without having to take any equipment onto the tip hydroseeding was the idea choice. Hydroseeding using additional extension hoses allowed us to reach the whole area and apply an even application of material. Works were completed in early spring taking advantage of the milder weather.


By late spring the new grass was well established protecting the surface of the tip soil erosion which would have exposed the membrane, thus protecting the scheme and surrounding environment.

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