Removing the use of man-made synthetic soil improvers is helping reduce the damaging effects fertiliser runoff has to our rivers, lakes and oceans.

Passionate about our environment, RMB Hydroseeding are pleased to announce the use of man-made synthetic fertiliser in all our hydroseeding operations has been fully phased and we now offer a range of specialist eco-friendly organic fertilisers and bio-stimulants as standard to all our clients.

Using synthetic fertilisers responsibly isn’t a bad thing but by switching to organic based ones we are reducing the use of hydrocarbons which is better for the environment.

Benefits of organic fertilisers include;

  • Contains micronutrients
  • Encouraging microbiological life in the soil
  • Adds organic content to the soil
  • Reduces the risk of being be over applied causing “burn” or creating toxic concentrations of salts
  • Gradual release of nutrients, aiding both top growth and root development that results in stronger and healthier vegetation

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