Gloucestershire Services (Green Roof)

Location: Gloucestershire, M5 Southbound
Area size: 4,000m²
Product: Hydroseeding with Wildflower Seed
Client: EcoGreenRoofs

Project Background

The brief for Gloucester Gateway was to construct a new motorway service station that wouldn’t appear as typical one. A leap forward in service station engineering and design, the clients aimed to do something different from the average motorway services, no franchises, no big brands, but instead a “sense of where you are – a sense of place”.


The 4,000m2 state of the art  green roof project was designed to disguise the new service station as a part of the landscape. Being a Greenfield site, flanked by the Cotswolds and Robinswood Hill, great care was required to minimise the environmental impact and blend the building into the surrounding countryside and a specialist perennial wildflower seed mix was used that not only would match the native species but not grow excessively and increase the maintenance schedule of the roof.

Due to the weight-loading capacity of the green roof, which only allowed for a thin substrate layer, hydroseeding was used to provide the idea growing environment to allow germination and development of the new vegetation.


After the hydroseeding of the main visitors centre and fuel station, both areas have established excellently, containing nectar rich species of wild flowers such as Self Heal, Yellow Rattle, Birdsfoot Trefoil and Meadow Sweet that support pollinating insects such as bees and preserve the heritage of our UK native wild flora habitats.

Gloucestershire Services (Green Roof)
Gloucestershire Services (Green Roof)
Gloucestershire Services (Green Roof)

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