Carraig Gheal Windfarm (Phase 2)

Location: West Argyll, Scotland
Area size: 4,000m²
Product: Verdyol Biotic Earth
Client: GreenPower (Carraig Gheal) Ltd

Project Background

Approximately 8km west of Kilchrenan (to the north-west side of Loch Awe), the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm is located. An operating 20 turbine project developed by GreenPower it has a combined capacity of around 46 MW – sufficient to supply 32,000 Scottish households with clean, renewable energy.


To allow the construction of the wind farm, upgrading the existing tracks across the site was required and in some cases new access had to be built.  Due to the nature of the site, importing new topsoil was impossible so a way to establish new vegetation onto the ≥40° roadside verges and batters that were missing soil was required.


Applying Verdyol Biotic Earth, we were able to add the much needed organic matter to the crushed stone required to support new vegetation. Once applied, the areas were then hydroseeded with high performance hydromulch to protect the treated area from erosion and retain moisture.


The client had very specific expectations and needed continuity throughout the project.
GreenPower were also very clear that no fertiliser be used in the peat areas and if
necessary a  very low application of lime (eg. a maximum of 100kg/ha of ground
limestone) be used. It was vital that lime was not applied (nor lime dust accidentally
blown by wind) onto existing native peatland communities adjacent to the areas of peat
that were being restored, nor should lime be used in the headwaters of any moorland
streams or ditches.  By working closely with the Environmental Management Team we
were able to ensure that their expectations were met and non contaminations of land or
water were achieved.

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