BikePark Wales

Location: Merthyr Tydfil
Product: Hydroseeding
Area Size: 2,000m²
 BikePark Wales

Project Background

BikePark Wales is the UK’s first full scale mountain bike park in the heart of the South Wales valleys, built by riders for riders. Approached by BikePark Wales, we were asked to hydroseed a recently cut slope that was overlooking a section of new bike track.  Safety concerns were raised by our client that the bank could fail blocking the track with debris, or even worse slip whilst a member of the public was riding beneath resulting in possible serious injury. A solution was need that would prevent any further erosion to the bank.


Due to the need for rapid establishment of vegetation over the bank with a deep root structure to help bind the soil together, a specialise seed mixture was essential. Using our own custom designed grass seed mixture plus fertiliser in order to provide the required nutrients that would be needed in order for the seed to establish as quickly as possible in the poor quality soil.


The entire area was hydroseeded during one visit and within two months new vegetation was fully established, removing the risk of the bank slipping. As a result of hydroseeding the aesthetics of the course had also been improved as the entire bank is covered with a dense sward of grass instead of bear earth.

BikePark Wales – Hydroseeding
BikePark Wales – Hydroseeding

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