Tree & Shrub Seeding

A cost effective method of establishing trees and shrubs with a
natural appearance on inaccessible locations that would otherwise be impossible to plant by hand.  Seeds are added to the hydroseed mix along with a protective nurse crop of low maintenance grasses and with minimum maintenance, substantial tree growth can be achieved within just a few years.

Over the years we have hydroseeded many sites using pioneer tree species to establish new woodlands on baron areas such as spoil heaps and landfills that were previously devoid of any vegetation.

Hydroseeding with tree and shrub seed is an ideal way of preventing erosion and reducing ground subsidence on slopes and also creating natural blinds that provide shelter for wildlife.

For more information on which tree and shrub seed can be used with hydroseeding please contact us.

Wildflower Seeding

Wildflowers provide an annual display of colour whilst providing important habitats for insects and birds.

With our years of experience, we know how crucial it is that the correct seed mixture is chosen to suit the right soil type and drainage characteristics of each site.  For example, alkaline soil may require a calcareous wildflower seed mix that contains plant species that will tolerate the soil.

We are able to work to the clients specifications or propose a suitable wildflower seed mix that meets their requirements if no specification is available.

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