Erosion Control Products

We offer a range of different types of erosion control blankets, for further information or to request a sample please
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Geo-Jute (Hessian) Erosion Control Blanket

Made from unbleached jute fibre, Geo-Jute is a lightweight and cost effective net that prevents erosion and begins to degrade in one season.

Product features:
Available in 2 weights, 500g and 250g per square metre
        Delivered in bales or rolls for easy manual handling
        The weave of the fabric disperses rainfall, preventing erosion
        Holds up to 5 times its own weight in water
        Open weave construction allows new vegetation to grow through
        Biodegrades to form nutrients and improve soil quality
100% Natural


Enkamat is three-dimensional TRM (turf reinforcement mat) made of continuous monofilaments fused at their intersections. 95% of the Enkamat is open and available for soil, mulch and root interaction.

Product features:
         Excellent durability
         Manufactured from nylon to eliminate the buoyancy factor
         Flexible structure is conformable to any surface
         Easy to cut will not unravel
         Available in multi-wide rolls for faster installation
         Supports and enhances performance of ecosystem plants

Geo-Coir Erosion Control Blanket

Geo-Coir is a geo-textiles made from pure coir drawn from coconut husks, a 100% natural product with the highest tensile strength of any natural fibre.

Product features:
         Lightweight coir fabric
         Open weave construction allows new vegetation to grow through
         Long lasting (3-5 years)
         Open weave, high strength erosion control fabric
         For use on slopes of up to 3:1
         Allows for standard water velocities up to 2.4m/sec
100% Natural

Fixing Pins

Steel J- fixing pins for securing erosion control blankets .

Product features:
         Made from mild steel
         Silver Colour
         500 pins per box
         90mm in length

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