Erosion Control Solutions

The critical implications of this important aspect are fully understood, we are able to apply tried and tested solutions to this problem using the following solutions;

(Hessian Blanket Retention System) is a natural, low cost and effective method of giving extra stabilisation to embankments prone to surface erosion.

Combining natural fabrics with hydro-mulch and special binding agents, HBRS prevents surface erosion until the grass sward has become established enough to hold the soil.  Due to the weave of the fabric heavy rainfall is dispersed instead of hitting the soil and preventing erosion.

Within 12-18 months of applying HBRS, it has decomposed. The light brown colour and organic make-up of the natural hessian/jute fibres mean it is the more aesthetic and environmentally friendly than any other erosion control system available.

HBRS Data Sheet


Armadillo Soft-Armour System
An effective alternative to traditional Hard-Armour erosion control methods, our Armadillo Soft-Armour
system offers an aesthetically pleasing and cost efficient way of protecting steep slopes and areas with high discharge waterways.

Providing permanent protection, the erosion control matting or TRM (turf reinforcement matting) is an open matrix that is filled with specialist high performance hydro-mulch that binds seeds and  the soil together to give instant erosion control whilst offering conditions that promote rapid seed germination by creating an environment that allows the seeded area to absorb and retain moisture.

Our Soft-Armor System provides much greater erosion control compared to conventional hydroseeding techniques and allows the establishment of a much greater sward of new vegetation.



Fibre Glass Reinforcement
On steep slopes prone to surface erosion, fibre glass rovings are floated onto the area with compressed air to create a matrix of fine fibres.  The matrix is then hydroseeded using 100% wood fibre hydro-mulch and additional binding agents, once the new vegetation has established the fibre glass fibres become an integral part of the root structure giving permanent protection from erosion.

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